Crystal Miller lived a first-class, celebrity lifestyle in California with her child's wealthy father. When expensive make up and designer clothes weren't enough to cover the damage of his abuse, she flees to her hometown in Virginia and settles into a mediocre job.

     On the day before Crystal's 30th birthday she is laid off from work and forced to start over with no direction. She shuns using her natural gift of interior design to start a business because dreams don't pay the bills. Desperation pushes her forward, but she is discouraged by a series of obstacles, rejection, and betrayal. Why is her life in this dark place again?

    With a heavy, mangled heart Crystal stumbles onto a spiritual path where her faith is revived through unexpected events and people. Will her faith be strong enough to pursue God's purpose for her life or will fear keep her bound to losses from the past?


Copyright © Alicia Hill Jones





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