Jonas and Shayna Ambrose are rooted in tarnished pasts, causing them to be emotionally detached in their marriage.  Shayna endures the frustration of being married to a man who doesn’t share her faith and whose main focus is his career. Jonas believes his love for Shayna is shown by being a good provider.  Frustrated that his wife doesn’t support his endeavors, he finds consolation away from home.  Finger-pointing at one another’s faults, Jonas and Shayna are oblivious to the outside influences that plague their marriage—a needy mother, an abusive father (who is a Pastor), an envious drug addicted sister, manipulative exes, and fair-weather friends.

    In the midst, the battered foundation of their four-year marriage starts to crumble when an unexpected pregnancy occurs.  Fortunately, the mother-to-be is not one of Jonas’s mistresses, but his wife.  The problem:  Jonas is adamant about Shayna not having the baby.  At odds about the pregnancy they separate, until tragic events reunite them.  But something is still missing in the relationship.  When truths are exposed, will the Ambrose union be able to overcome issues deeper than what’s on the surface?  


Copyright © Alicia Hill Jones





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