Alicia Hill Jones
Life inspired stories of faith. 
Fiction with a purpose.

“Pursue your dreams” may be an overused statement and sound corny to some. But there’s nothing more fulfilling or rewarding than doing what God purposed you to do.”  ~Alicia Hill Jones



   Imagine giving birth to something that has developed inside you for over 20 years.  It sounds painful!  And if ever possible, most women would throw in the sweaty, tearful towel.  Alicia did—countless times.  The combination of school, work, family, and fear of rejection aged her dream to become a published author, but it never died.   At the end of the birthing process comes joy.

    Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Alicia discovered her love for creative writing at the age of 12. Growing up in a rough, low-income Southside neighborhood is part of her history—but not her story.  Despite the odds, she graduated from George Wythe High School and was accepted into Virginia Commonwealth University.  When time came to select a college major, Journalism, was considered but didn’t compare to the salary potential an Accounting degree offered.  So, as some college students do, Alicia chose money over passion. Until that point, she continued to write short stories, storing them in a three ring binder, which eventually became just a permanent fixture on her bookshelf.  The pursuit of a writing career was swept to the back of her mind and she stepped into the corporate world.


    Through life lessons and faith, Alicia realized that when God blesses you with a gift or talent He will not let it return to Him void. As Christians, God has predestined our lives and through us His plans prevail (Proverbs 19:21).  She creates stories that illustrate God’s word, love, and power to overcome life’s setbacks.  Relatable characters and circumstances take readers on inspiring journey of self-revelation, forgiveness, and restoration through faith.  


    Alicia is the founder of Destiny 11 Publications, LLC and author of  Divine Purpose, When Two Become One, and Blessings of Purpose.  She resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and their daughters.

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